About Us

Our classes are run by a team of skilled instructors with decades of teaching experience, led by professional educator Rebecca Runnels. We offer high school and AP® curriculum, help with elementary, high school, and college courses, standardized test prep, and more!


Online & hybrid courses

Meet in person when it fits your schedule and communicate online so you don’t miss a thing


Get a head start on preparing for university and start earning college credit


professional Tutoring

Make the grade you want in a tricky subject or get help studying for standardized tests

Student Testimonials

"Thanks to Mrs. Rebecca, I was able to take classes my high school didn't offer and get the scores I wanted on all the AP® tests she helped me study for!"
— Anna Morgan, Former Student
"Even when teaching difficult subjects, Rebecca Morrison always made sure that I had the time and means to truly understand what was being taught to me."
— Connor Matthews, Former Student