Course Offerings

All of our courses help self-motivated students study the subjects that interest them most on a flexible schedule. 

Alongside our AP® curriculum, we provide additional instruction in a variety of subjects and can help with anything from understanding the steps of a Polymerase Chain Reaction to translating Caesar’s De Bello Gallico from Latin to English.

Advanced Placement® Courses

Our online and hybrid AP® courses allow students to take classes beyond what their schools offer while giving them a chance to earn college credit. All of our science classes include lab activities, to help further prepare students for college-level science classes. In each and every class, students will learn everything they need to prepare them for spring AP® exams and future college courses.

"Students who take AP courses send a signal to colleges that they’re serious about their education and that they’re willing to challenge themselves with rigorous coursework."
— College Board

Additional Instruction

We can help with most math, science, and classics courses. Our instructors are available to tutor all of the subjects listed below, and can offer assist with more advanced courses upon request.